Bunker Thoughts

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Bunker Thoughts

Postby smashdn » Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:44 am

Lying in bed this morning between the first and second snooze button hitting and I got to thinking about bunkers. In particular I got to thinking about our conversation about their upkeep and how they really are not a hazard for the pros.

Then it hit me. No not my wife. One aspect of playing from the sand that those guys tend to not like is playing from a downslope in them to the green.

Most greenside bunkers tend to be lower than their green and are often cut into the green pad itself. But what if bunkers were instead cut into a slope above the green? And instead of sloping towards the green the high part was the part away from the green?

Obviously you couldn't employ that on every greenside bunker but if you want to restore some teeth to a hazard on a driveable par four or something like that I think it would work nicely coupled with a green that runs away from the bunker.

Imagine riviera 10 with hillside in behind that angled green with tow nasty little "eyeball-looking" bunkers cut into the slope and remove the fronting bunkers and put short grass that ushers the ball well down the slope. The green still naturally tilts from back left to front right. Now you get some teeth.

You try to drive it and end up in the rough or bunker over the green you have a shot back into a narrow green going away from you. You come up short and have to play up to a green where oyu can't see the landing area and go long you are above the hole. Plus the threat of spinning it back off the shaved slope to your feet exists with the short play as well.

In that scenario the better play may then become the lay up to 100 out to the left to make use of the full length of the green.

I may play around in ms paint today if I have time.
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