People's Top 18: Wasioto Winds

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People's Top 18: Wasioto Winds

Postby thurman » Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:11 pm

Group 10 of the GKL People's Top 18 goes off today. Here's your chance to determine the best courses in the state! Next up...

Fore please, Wasioto Winds in Pineville, KY.

If you've played it, you can rate it. Please use the following categories and rate on a scale of 1-5, as below (it's a tough scale, 3 is a pretty good score):

1 - Poor
2 - Okay
3 - Solid
4 - Very good
5 - Superb

Aesthetics – Is it scenic? Does the course “fit” its natural surroundings? Are the views unobstructed? Points off here for homes or buildings or power lines encroaching on the course, or other eyesores.

Ambience – Does the course feel “special”? Is it quiet? Is it a friendly, pleasant, or unique place to play in terms of atmosphere? Does it have intangibles that make you want to return? Points off here for loud highways, crappy customer service, pissy locals, and other things that negatively impact a course’s atmosphere.

Conditioning – Are the greens smooth? Do they run at the right speed? Are the fairways full? Does it play fast? Are the bunkers maintained? Points off here for slow or bumpy greens, dead spots in fairways, neglect, and unplayable bunkers.

Use of property – Does the course use its land well? Do natural slopes provide interest on shots? Are the course’s natural features used (water, trees, terrain, etc)? Does it drain well? Points off here for holes that ran out of room, constant drainage issues, unplayable slopes, wasted or misplaced features.

Risk/reward – Does the course give you opportunities to take a risk for some potential gain over the player who doesn’t take the same risk? Does the course extract a penalty if you fail? Does it make you want to hit dangerous shots? Points off here for forced conservative plays, cakewalk short par 4s and 5s with little danger.

Test of the full game – Can different types of players be successful? Does the course reward accuracy as much as it rewards distance? Is touch around greens as important as hitting strong full shots? Is putting as important as driving? Points off here for courses over-reliant on length, holes that don’t give short hitters a chance to put the ball in play, courses with interest tee to green but flat dull greens, etc.

Design variation – Is there a good mixture of short, medium, and long par 4s? Are the par 5s unique? Do you hit different clubs on the par 3s? Are there uphill and downhill holes? Are there doglegs left and right? Are different challenges present from one hole to the next? Points off here for repetitive shots, a ton of 380 yard par 4s, etc (note: It’s okay for a course to be cohesive. It’s ok if a course is “old school,” “wooded,” or “links style.” It just needs to present unique challenges throughout).

Memorability – Pretty simple: Do you remember it after you play it? Are there shots you replay in your head and think about before your next round? Do holes stand out for the right reasons? Points off here for forgettable holes or memorably bad holes.
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Re: People's Top 18: Wasioto Winds

Postby moe » Thu Feb 09, 2012 3:09 pm

I haven't been down lately.
I do remember soggy conditions on more than 1 occasion.
I kinda like having a valley course in the mountains. :)

3, 4, 3, 4, 4, 3, 4, 4 = 29

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Re: People's Top 18: Wasioto Winds

Postby kygolf99 » Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:58 pm

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Re: People's Top 18: Wasioto Winds

Postby wilma » Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:30 pm

4,4,2,3,3,4,3,5 = 28

Soaked is the word, mostly. Too bad, as the rest of it is good indeed. And, of course, who could be unhappy being there?

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Re: People's Top 18: Wasioto Winds

Postby A-Dub » Fri Feb 10, 2012 1:53 pm

This one is my baby. I'm going to devote the proper time to it later, when I am not on lunch at work. :D
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Re: People's Top 18: Wasioto Winds

Postby LordofthePings » Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:33 pm

DNP. Stayed a weekend in a cabin at Pine Mountain, drove by/around it several times, but didn't play because we were with non-golfing families. I showed a lot of self-discipline that weekend.
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Re: People's Top 18: Wasioto Winds

Postby A-Dub » Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:17 pm

4-Aesthetics are great with the exception of when you get back along the road at 17 and 18.

4-Ambience points off here for the same thing. It's not a loud highway, but its there.

4-Conditioning was a little down last year due to the unusual summer flood, but it has always been in great shape since its been there other than that. The only reason it gets the downgrade is for the slight drop in conditioning last year. Any other year it probably gets a

5. The people talking about it being wet are people that must have only been there in the spring. Like most courses it stays wet in the spring. It's a valley course so maybe a little more than others at that time. Springs are especially rainy down there.

4-This goes back to the above with the drainage. It's honestly not as much of an issue anymore. There aren't many holes that might be labeled "ran out of room" except for some might say it on 5, but it actually is what makes it a very tough hole. They took out side of the hill to make it I believe, so I wouldnt even necessarily say that. This course was built on an old man made lake that didnt take, and the sediment rose to the top. It was a wasteland basically, and they turned it into a great golf course. Pretty good use of property if you ask me.

5- the course offers plenty of risk reward. That will happen when you have water in play on I believe 15 of the eighteen holes and decent number of bunkers too. I could break this down all day on most every hole, but I will spare you several paragraphs and just say there is plenty.

4- It's hard to give any course a 5 here, but it does a good job. You are rewarded for distance and accuracy. The greens are slick and there are multiple tees to accommodate.

4- The only knock I give on this one is the par 3's are pretty similarly distanced, at least from the back two sets of tees. There are 5 of them and if you tip it out I believe 3 of them are over 200 and the other two are in the 190's. Probably one of the biggest flaws I see in the course.

This is the course where I honed my game and became a pretty decent player. I worked here, played here, and basically spent my summers here the first few years it was opened. There isnt much else to do in Pineville. I tried to be fair on it, but its hard on a course that holds a special place for you. Before this we had a 9 hole course with no holes over 300 yards. After my sophomore year of high school they closed it down and started working on this course that opened when I graduated. They suffer some issues every year in the way things were built in relation to the water (the "soaked" issue you guys have seen), the flooding EVERY spring, and the awful heat that hits the valley in the summer, but they continue to put out one of the best conditioned publics in the state. It's the first of the beloved Signature Series that our state put out, and I'm upset all you guys haven't made it out.
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Re: People's Top 18: Wasioto Winds

Postby Docugs » Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:00 am

Aesthetics-4 It looks like a very nice course when you are first see the course from the highway, you can just see the whole valley.
Ambience -4 pretty quite course, it never has really ever felt crowded to me even with local college teams playing at the same time.
conditioning-4 for the most part the course was in pretty good shape, I have played it once in the spring, and once in late june, and
both times the same fairway was really wet, and the one fairway cut into the side of the hill had some issues with it, I think that hole is like 6 or 7 but not sure.
Use of Property-4 solid
Risk reward-4
test of full game - 3 solid
design Variation-4 They did a good job changing it up with their land, teeing off across creeks, or along rock walls etc.
Memorability- 3 The views stick out, but certain holes just don't stand out in my mind other than that around the rock face. I guess if I
play it more.

Overall it is a nice little course, Hidden cove is still my Favorite of the State Courses I have played, I still haven't played ER. Would I make a special trip to play here I don't know, But I do try to play it when I go out of state through Tenn.
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Re: People's Top 18: Wasioto Winds

Postby rocket68 » Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:13 am

Aesthetics – 3
Ambience – 3
Conditioning – 3
Use of property – 4
Risk/reward – 4
Test of the full game – 3
Design variation – 3
Memorability –3
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Re: People's Top 18: Wasioto Winds

Postby A-Dub » Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:28 pm

docugs, you are thinking of 5 by the water and the big hill beside it. It doesn't get as much sun because of that hill, so it will always be a little damp, with water running off the hill, being beside the water, and having all that shade on it as well. It's a uniquely laid out course, so there are bound to be issues here or there. Eagle Ridge is in the same boat but we plug the hell out of it.
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