The drive at the 498 yard, par five opening hole of the Antlers nine is a bit intimidating.

By the way, there is a pond in play over the hill on the right, which happens to be the direction the fairway slopes.

This one is reachable in two. Slicers beware if you are trying to kill a tee shot!

This a the 372 yard par four fifth hole on the The Antlers nine.

Nice easy driving hole.

Number eight on the Antlers nine features a shoot for the tee shot.

454 yard par four with O.B. right. Yikes! This might be the toughest driving hole at Perry Park.

Here is the green area at the 378 yard, dogleg left 3rd hole of the Whitetail nine.

You can cut little off the corner, but you flirt with the water that runs all the way down the left side.

At the green, be sure to read the sign posted in the locals yard.

Here is the 409 yard par four, fifth hole of the Whitetail course.

One of two new holes incorporated into the Whitetail nine.

This set of photos were taken in early spring 2009.

They have some nice photos of the course at the Perry Park home page too.

The approach to the second hole on Buckskin.

430 yard par, dogleg left par four.

Nice hole!

Seven of the new holes (2008) are on the Buckskin nine.

Looking back number three on Buckskin. Another tough par four.

Favor the left side of the fairway on the tee shot to avoid any problems with that tree on the right. The water really shouldn't come in to play.

They built some very nice greens on the new holes.

That putt is going in!

The finishing hole on Buckskin.

Tough, 420 yard uphill par four.