Start the day on a tough 440 yard, dogleg right par four.

This is the approach from about 150. The green slopes from back right to front.

Here is the approach to the 667 yard par five, third hole at Maywood.

This used to be a pushover par five, but since the addition of the tees across the pond, the extra yardage makes number three a three shot par five for just about everybody.

Not much room to run one up there even if you were capable of having a go at it.

Here is a look at the par three, 12th hole.

It's a tricky 143 yards to negotiate the first couple of times.

A couple of low handicappers in our group hit easy nine irons and flew pin high a little too easily for comfort....We think the wedge would be the prudent play next time.

16 is a 207 yard par three from an elevated tee.

I had to hang my tee shot (draw) over the water for way too long to get back to this pin.

This one will add a little tension to a good round, but it is a beautiful par three.

Approaching the 434 yard par four 17th.

The tee shot is blind and up hill adding to difficulty.

This photo is from about 170 out...I was happy to be in this position.

They have added a lot of length to Maywood over the last few years. Its now over 7,200 from the tips.