Number 12 has a down hill tee shot to a severely right to left sloping fairway. It doesn't appear to be all that big of a hill from the tee, but when your ball lands it's going left fast.

Then you have a side hill lie for a lengthy approach. Oh yeah...twelve is 434 yards long.

Here is a look at the approach to the 374 yard 17th. Pretty hole.

I inserted a picture of the bunker wall on the right. You don't want to be there. The one on the left is even higher.

Take note of that massive tier running from back to front.

Here is a look from the tee at the 195 yard, par three fourth hole. It looks a lot longer do to the valley you must cross to get the green.

The Hill Course leaves little yardage demons floating around in your head on many shots.

If this one doesn't seem long...just wait you have two coming that are over 220 yards.


Start the day with a downhill, 416 yard par four. Left center is a good spot for the drive.

As with many holes on the Hill Course, you will have an uphill approach shot.