The approach shot to the 402 yard, dogleg right first hole.

No room to be long or left of the bunker.

You get a two page information sheet on the intricacies of laying up at Eagle Ridge when you go to tee off.

On the 414 yard dogleg left, second hole, the sheet gives you some yardages, but fails to advise on the distance of the visual aids. You want to lay up short of the two bunkers on the right. That leaves you with around 140 across the ravine to the green. It's very difficult (from the tee) to grasp the directions (see inset) if you don't realize you are not trying to go past the bunkers.

This shot is from halfway to the fourth green. You hit your second shot from a lofty position to the left of the photo. It's a very difficult shot to a narrow fairway with no bail out on either side.

You can't see the end of the fairway from the tee and once again, our course management direction sheet failed us by not mentioning that the fairway ended with a cliff at about 280 yards. You can definitely score better here the second time around.

The sixth at Eagle Ridge is a 442 yard par four. Pretty nice hole...although we're not sure why all the mounding was put in the fairway. It seems to us that a long par four should offer a level area reward for a lengthy approach shot.

That's Moe on his old man tee box some 60 yards ahead of me.

The ninth starts out of a narrow shoot with a ravine in front, but it's only 342 yards long, so don't get flustered you can use an iron.

By the way, you won't be seeing the clubhouse at the turn, actually you'll be lucky if you have any clue which way the clubhouse is. Eagle Ridge is spread out over expansive, mountainous acreage. Very scenic.

I said SCENIC!

13 is the signature hole at Eagle Ridge. A drivable 315 yard par four with a major league "WOW" factor. This was worth the trip. That's gotta' be a 200 foot drop!

I hit three balls for fun. One just right of green and two in the hazard just left of the green. The fairway landing area didn't look much bigger than the green to us, so we just went for it. Fun hole!

The 17th is a 220 yard par three.

It's a large deep green, but like many shots at Eagle Ridge, there is not much forgiveness around the green.

Finish the day on a 393 yard par four from an elevated tee. Nice hole.

Look out for that green. Deep and narrow with severe undulation. And of course, not much forgiveness right or long.

This is a tough course at 6630 yards!

Notice the beautiful concrete cart path on the left. Those babies traverse this course like the great wall of China. The concrete budget had to be incredible for Eagle Ridge. Our tax dollars at work...