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Moe began June in the North Carolina mountains just east of Ashville. That old guy trip is covered in “Moe’s Corner”. I only played twice the rest of the month.

We went to Shelbyville C. C. for $40 on a pretty crowded Friday morning. I was with a different Ron because I haven’t seen our Ron for quite some time. This other Ron doesn’t get to play much, so it was fun to watch him battle those mature trees! The trees won almost every time. I also had some tree problems and was unhappy with my 87 on a course I’ve scored well on before. Except for 9 fairway, which has been regarded and reseeded, the course was in good shape.

Then late in the month Jim, Doug, Jason, and I drove up to Perry Park again. The resort and course were packed with those Ohio shippers, so we were forced to play the Antlers / Whitetail nines which include only 2 of the new holes. I wasn’t too happy about that, but it’s nice to see them doing good business. They’ve got the course in good shape, and they still have the largest greens in Kentucky, which can lead to some 3 putts. I had 3 of those as part of my 85 score. But if we talk score we have to mention Jason. That’s Foutleft for you forum guys, and somebody needs to check that his 73 got reported to GHIN. Doug, our high handicapper had a career round of 102, so that left Jim and I to battle it out for who paid Jason the most money. He won that contest with his 89.

May Pick of the Month

The month started with a big horse race and lots of rain, so our first time out was the GKL Outing at Lassing Pointe ($51). What a great one that was! After a poor start when we sat in traffic on I-71 for an hour, every thing else went great. Ron and I just made it in time to join Fourleft and the Inkster in the next to last group. The course was very soggy with carts on the path. That’s what slowed us down; it wasn’t the beer. How come Ron didn’t get a picture of that cart girl? I started out playing great, but went 39 – 48; it had nothing to do with the beer. Actually, our group, and several others had some trouble keeping the ball in those soggy fairways. But all 20 of us showed up and didn’t get hurt.

The course had areas that hadn’t been mowed recently due to rain, and some of the greens were a little shaggy or covered with some sweet smelling locust tree droppings. Ron said it was the most aromatic course he could remember. I still love the layout.

Then we adjourned to Union Station for the real beer drinking. Ron gets credit for that great dive, but even he didn’t know they had hired a band for us. Silver and Woodstock may have feared us at first, but once Tack, 3jack, and Ron started singing along, they grew to love us. I think everyone made it home all right. It was the first time I had seen Tack in the role of peacemaker and designated driver. He’s quite a mature young man!

The following Monday Jason (Fourleft) and I tried to get our groove back at Maywood. The rough was thick and long and ½ the greens had just been punched. Jason played from the tips at 7149 yards , and I moved up 2 tee boxes (6128) so we could play even. That didn’t work out for me. He grooved a nice smooth 80, while I had another 87 and lost money. If we get some dry weather so they can mow the rough, Maywood will be a play recommendation by May 23rd. It’s on the divot card and not very crowded. I paid $30 with the lung card (saving $5).

The next day I took Doug, a racetrack buddy, out to Kenny Rapier at My Old Kentucky Home for his second out of the year. His wife just got him some new Adams clubs and he wanted to try them out. They worked pretty well, and with me giving him a stroke a hole, we were all square at the turn. Then I got back on my game and he pooped out a little, to where I won 7 of the last 9 holes! I reversed my Lassing effort with a 45 – 39 score. Now if I can just put the two 39s together somewhere I’ll be a happy golfer. My Old Ky Home was very crowded for a Tuesday, but it was a beautifully day and rain was predicted for the rest of the week. The greens were fast and the rough was short. Carts were 90 degrees on most holes. I paid $26.50 with the lung card.

In mid-month I made it over for the Tuesday game at Persimmon Ridge. Our team had several chances to do something good and make money, but almost every time we did something bad instead. It was still a beautiful day for golf. The course is in great shape. They have poa anna in all but the new greens, but if you play in the morning it’s all smooth and fast. Tigerbuck commented on the 10th green in the GKL forum, so I’ll tell our “goofy golf” story. The pin was right on the edge of the false front on that green.

I chipped from the back to 1 foot; but it didn’t quite stop….. off the front. Bill was on the right side of the green and his 20 foot putt trickled just past the hole …..off the front.

But Mike was the worst. He was off the front to begin with; putted up for his gimme; then watched his ball s l o w l y roll….back ….off the front!

Some believe the Mexican workers just don’t understand English well enough to get the pins where you tell them. I don’t buy that “no speaka da English so good” bullshit. I think those sadistic bastards put the pin there, mount a hidden camera in the trees, and spend the day in the maintenance shed laughing their asses off at the gringos.

Persimmon Ridge is well worth the $54 guest fee, and one of the best courses in the state.

The last week of May we were again dodging showers, but that’s golf in the spring. Jim and I took Doug and his new Adams clubs to Old Capital to see how he liked water hazards. He drowned lots of balls but actually won 3 skins when Jim and I both took doubles.

The course is in good shape and the greens are GREAT – fast and smooth.

I got good on the back side and won a lot of skins, but then ruined it with a stupid double bogey on the 17th hole. I guess I can blame the rain that got us on 16, except I had a par there, and we waited the rain out under trees before playing 17. Anyway, my 80 is a score I like. I paid $28 senior rate which saved me $2 !

The next day Ron and I started in the drizzle at Champions Pointe ($65). And because of that we had the place to ourselves on the front side. The fairways are in good shape except for some places where water has stood and drowned the Zoysia. The rough is long and very tough for Moe to hit out of. It was a bad day not to be driving well. The greens are smooth but were not fast. I liked them better than Ron. We both had troubled rounds and tied with 87*. The * means we each had a hole we don’t want to talk about.

On the back side we caught a crowd, backed up due to a fivesome, and it wasn’t near as much fun. At least it quit drizzling and the sun finally came out.

Since Persimmon Ridge is private I won’t pick it again; although it’s the best I played.

I’ll pick Old Capital as the MoeRon pick of the month. At $30 you can play it twice for what they get at Champions Point, and the Fuzzy place only has senior rates Monday and Tuesday. The greens were great at both courses but Old Capital’s were faster, and there are more interesting hole designs over there.

I will start June with the old guys in the mountains of North Carolina. I’ll report on that trip in “Moe’s Corner” when we get back.

April Pick of the Month Updated 5/6/09

Editor Ron here: We took the long drive down to Dale Hollow on April Fools Day. I Played with regular forum members 3jack, Foreleft and Gumpster while Moe mowed something. First time around the Hollow for 3jack and Foreleft and I must say, I was a little surprised at what seemed to be a lack of enthusiasm for the course, especially from Foreleft. The course was very wet. Combine that with dormant fairways and we were not seeing optimal conditions. Still, dormant Zoysia doesn't really bother me and Dale Hollow's fairways are well established. Past visits have found these fairways in immaculate condition and there is no indication that they will be anything other than excellent this year. They actually had a little green in them already as they attempt to emerge from dormancy. The greens were just about a week away from being completely healed from aeration. They rolled decent for this time of year and are well on there way to being in good or possibly excellent condition. Bunkers were pretty tidy for the most part, but the presence of pea sized pebbles in the sand was noted. As I have mentioned in past reviews, the rough is spotty and will always be that way unless soil amendments are made. All in all, I thought conditions were typical for a nice course early in the season.

Although I am impressed with the design at Dale Hollow, now that I have been around it a few times, I do not believe that it is as difficult, nor as long as it seemed to me during earlier rounds. As with any course that frequently features elevation changes, you have far better chance at success when experience erases the doubt in your mind concerning club selection. I think experience, avoiding punitive bare dirt bounces just off the fairways, and well placed approach shots to undulating greens are the key to scoring well at Dale Hollow. You can have a long day with the flat stick if you get the ball out of position on the greens.

I still believe that a couple of greens are excessively sloped….13 comes to mind, but I suppose the greens are the main defense for the course, thus difficulty is needed. I really like the routing of 13, I just think the green is misplaced in the grand scheme of things. Its probably the most difficult green to putt on the course, placed at the end of the longest (462) par four, which is also uphill, contributing to one of the most difficult approach shots on the course. Oh yeah, it’s a dogleg left too! So if you are a fader like most amateur golfers are, good luck driving that tee shot within 200 yards of the green. The opening hole is kind of a cup cake, and would be better served by 13’s multi tiered, high degree of difficulty green. I know the golf gods will never let me birdie number one again after writing that. Foreleft birdied 13 which is also something the golf gods don’t allow very often.

Looking back the par four 13th...Tough hole!

I like Dale Hollow and I think it has a place in the top 10 of our rankings, but I must admit that I can think of more than two public designs in Kentucky that are better in my opinion. I suspect Dale Hollow will fall from the lofty third position on our Top 18 list as we play through the contenders this year. That is not a knock, I still enjoy the course and can’t wait to play it again. It’s a nice combination of eye candy and sound golf design. It is still a top 10 course in my mind...probably fits in the five or six slot for me.

For those of you who enjoy reading about the individual rounds and wagering....We played carts/drivers/opposites which means you get a new partner for the bet every six holes. Gump and I had a little Nassau on the side which I swept while shooting a 78 that could have been a solid round if it had not included back to back double bogeys. Foreleft’s exceptional birdie at 13 helped him to an 81, but I think he ended up paying everybody a minimal fee for showing him a new course. Gump shot an 83 that was also plagued by the dreaded double bogey monster on the backside after a respectable 39 on the front. 3jack carded an 87*….realizing he isn’t quite ready for these big money games, he promptly went back to working a day job. You weekend duffers might want to look out for him as he has been playing regularly and current form might be dangerous as he drops in class and heads back to home track Seneca.

Next out of April was The Brook near Versailes. Moe was off at some old fart lunch where they talk about all the same physical ailments and retirement funds they talked about last month. I showed a couple of the Quail Chase boys a course they had not played while they enjoyed their day off from work. There was a moment of panic when we arrived and discovered that The Brook does not sell beer and the day might be marred by inadequate provisioning. It seems that the beer per hole rule was to be in effect. They were forced to ration themselves to a mere 15 beers for the cart all day...and while remaining perfectly sober, I Iost a Nassua to one of them.

We found The Brook a little moist, but otherwise in good condition. It's a nice tree lined course that has the length to force you to use most the clubs in your bag throughout the day. I like the simple classic design and the conditions improve every visit. My only reservation about playing The Brook comes when we have dry hot weather....past experience has shown me that their fairways get pretty crispy as we get into typical summer weather. So Spring, go right now to see it at its best, and the Fall are the best times to visit this course. I gave $30 to ride on a nice cool Wednesday afternoon and enjoyed the day. I think the only thing that keeps this course from being busier is the incredible concentration of quality golf courses in the Lexington area at a bargain price. It is a nice course, but if you prefer more modern designs or possibly finer amentities there are a few to choose from in the area.

Gumpster got back 2/3 of his Nassua losses at Dale Hollow as we battled to the final hole. On 17 I had a 8 footer for birdie that took a mysterious hop to the right as it was nearing the center of the hole, so I had to settle for par. On 18 I had a 12 footer for par that would have drawn the match even, but I failed to convert and lost back and total. I'm looking forward to next Wednesday and I might even bring him some beer.

Ron Waterson

Moe here...Perry Park .has added nine new holes, so Ron and I decided to check it out. Fourleft heard it might be a free round, so he raced up to join us. The 3 nines are called Antlers, Whitetail, and Buckskin. The Antlers nine has most of the old, not so hot old holes. Whitetail has most of the best old holes, 2 new holes, and Buckskin has 7 new holes. All the new holes are good holes with none being excellent in my opinion. They did add some ponds that come into play on 3 of the new holes. Perry Park now has 2 lodges and has become a popular stay and play destination. They have Stay and Play April Special which was something like $135 for 2 rounds, a room and breakfast. Don't qoute me on that, but I told Ron that it was basically free golf if you spend the night! If I lived in northern Ohio it would be high on my to-do list in the spring.

Jason was long and straight off the tee all day; had 2 birdies and smoked us with a 75. Ron had a bad ninth hole and carded an 84, Moe 85, so Ron covered most of what I lost to Jason. Be careful gambling with the lefty at the GKL outing.

Right before the wife and I left for Texas, Ron and I tried Heritage Hill again for the $35 April rate. I gave it 3 excellent, 14 good holes for design, and even with all the meaningless bunkers on the side, #6 is just an OK hole. I think Heritage Hill has a nice variety of holes and is the best public design in the Louisville area. If they keep it in top shape they should be ok with the higher tariff. Ron (83) has not yet gotten to peak form (too much horse racing and sailing), so you might try him at the GKL outing.

I had my normal quota of 3 double bogies (85), but did manage to win $1.

I will review the 6 courses we played on our Texas trip in Moe’s Corner of the forum.

Moe Miller

March Pick of the Month

It's back....read it while you can!

Editor's note: Seems little early in the season to be very critical of course conditions in Kentucky, so we'll try to take that fact in to consideration. We may be able to extract enough info from current conditions to see who has a jump on spring maintenance and perhaps a conditioning edge entering the spring golf season.

March is still winter, so greens, bunkers, and the rough at most courses around here are… well, rough. But when the temperature gets into the 50s it’s hard not to resist getting out there. That’s why they have “lift, clean, and place”.

And I actually had my best rounds in February using that rule at Champions Point, Hidden Creek and Quail Chase. Of those courses, Champions Point was in the best Winter condition. That basically means thickest grass and smoothest greens. Of course that course cost the most, so you sometimes get what you pay for.

We started March at Weissinger Hills and played them down for handicap. The greens were rough and slow and the rough clumpy and uneven (like my yard).

However, on a return visit the last week of March, the greens were close to prime condition. They have been cut and rolled, and were smooth and medium-fast speed. The rough was still clumpy and offered some bad lies, but for $23 senior rate it was pretty nice. It was also good that I broke even in the betting both times!

The first week of March I was also at Persimmon Ridge with the old guys, and that course was in GREAT condition for March. We played the White tees at 6200 yards, and I was inspired to shoot an 81.

While I was still hot we tried Nevel Meade and Ron and I both carded 75*! The asterisk is because some tees had been moved WAY up.

For example, on the par 5, 18th hole Jason (Friar Tuck) hit a nice drive and had 96 yards to the pin. And if that doesn’t prove the course was playing short, after my ordinary 200 yard drive, I had 165 yards to the green. Our group had an Eagle, 2 birdies, and a par. Nevel Meade always has inviting fairways, but the greens still had some winter bumps.We paid $32.

Mid-March I returned to Quail Chase and played West to East. The West nine had lots of bare spots, but I thought the East was in pretty good shape except for the wild horse tracks! They have a horse loose on the property for quite some time now and apparently Gumpster is no cowboy. $20 for 18 with cart is hard to beat anywhere.

Ron and I visited Cherry Blossom for $30 to ride, and another betless exhibition. Once again we were not impressed with the greens, and I still cannot believe anyone can put this layout in the top ten courses in Kentucky. The first five holes on the front nine are about as plain as a golf course can get.....And Golfweek ranks this course number one in Kentucky???? It's a swell enough place to play golf....they usually keep it in good shape, but it's far from the top course in Kentucky.

Then Foreleft, Gump, 3Jack, and I made the trip to Otter Creek for the pick of the month. They made me play 27 holes (actually 29), but it was a lovely spring day and I survived. My only problem was I partnered with the Pro on a day Friar Tuck shot 70 to beat the pro. The course was still in central Indiana winter, and there weren’t many putts made.

In late March, I went for a KSGA practice round at Fox Run at Courses of Kenton County. It is not an easy course, and the greens seemed very hard which indicates they may need to be redone. We paid $38 which kept most of the crowd over on Pioneer with some kind of discount. I managed to win a few bucks from the seniors with my 87, but the course really won the day.

Persimmon Ridge is always my pick, but it’s private, so I would pick Otter Creek,except it’s in Indiana, so my March Kentucky Pick of the Month is Fox Run.

Moe Miller