Each course will be given a Bozo factor. It's a quick guide to let you know what kind of golfer we think you might encounter on the course.
Bozos never fix divots or ball marks.
Bozo does not rake traps.
Bozos are frequently audible from great distances.
Bozos drive carts anywhere.
IF Bozo yells "fore" it's a few seconds after the ball goes by your head.
Bozos take their frustration out on the course, while obliviously disrupting the enjoyment of playing partners.
While on the green, Bozo steps on the head of his wedge to pop up the shaft to his hand leaving a indentation in the green.
Bozo needs to know what club you hit after almost every shot, even though he has now idea how far he hits his own clubs.
Bozos ask for rulings with no intention of following them. By the way, we don't care what you do if there is no bet.
This is not a player capability rating. Bozos come at all levels of play.