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March 20, 2012 - New Top 18 Posted!

After much work by Thurman and the rest of the GKL members the New 2012 Top 18 has been unveiled. There were several surprises in the list but an overwhelming success. Make sure to check it out and then swing by the forums to give your take on new list.


Changes at GKL in 2011... was founded several years ago by two avid golfers, Ron and Moe. Their vision was to share their golfing experiences in a way that would give other golfers a consistent and unbiased review of local courses. What set GKL apart (to me) was that the reviews were by guys that actually play the courses. Once these reviews started getting a considerable amount of attention the forum was added and a new community was born.

GKL quickly became the best place for golfers in and around Kentucky to come to find, and share, all sorts of golfing information with the main attention still being course reviews. Recently, with Moe out golfing the USA a few miles at a time and Ron somewhat shaking the golf addiction, Ron has decided to step down from his command as Director of All and pass the GKL reigns on to me. As much as I would love to step right into thier shoes, golf all week, and continue the wonderful review job they have done, its just not in the tea leaves for me right now. So the plan is to keep the wealth of information that they have created and continue the vision that they started as best I can. GKL will remain a great site that golfers in and around Ky can use as a valuable resource and keep our community going full force. So although you might see some information on the site that is getting dated please visit the forums and contribute as much as you'd like. Moe and Ron will still be around sharing with us along with many other great Ky golfing resources.

So the plan is to update the forum software (done), update this front page (done), then start working on making the rest of the site pages to match this front page layout. So bear with me while these changes are implemented.

Shoot me an email at with any questions, suggestions or website issues.

Happy Golfing! -- Jay